Saturday, December 10, 2011


Brodie and Ocoee

Last night at book club I was chatting with my lovely and wise friends who are moms. I told them something I heard the other day that I am trying to remember as I raise my daughter.

I will give her everything she needs and teach her to work hard for everything she wants.

This makes so much sense to me. I know I want my daughter to have all she needs and to grow up with the character and strength to work hard and know when something is worth working for.

But it will be really hard to not spoil her...even though I think there is nothing worse you can do to children than spoil them. When you grow up spoiled you never learn to appreciate and derive pleasure from the little things in life and that is heartbreaking and no way to live.

As someone who didn't have a lot growing up I will have to fight the urge to give her parents we want to give our children more than we had, but I want to know when I have to let her work for something...or say no. I know now how hard this will be.

On a lighter note...Ocoee is beginning to recognize the dogs. They have been VERY aware of her presence since we brought her home but she doesn't really pay them attention....even though they are very rarely more than a few feet away from her. Brodie is in great shape from all of our trips up and down the stairs to check on her. Both he and Guiness both come every time and lay down dutifully waiting while I feed, change or rock her. She even got a little snuggly time with Brodie on the couch yesterday as you can see from the photo.

Which also explain why my poor baby constantly has dog hair all over her! ugh! What can you do...shave the dogs? Or as I am learning to do more and more.....just let go.


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