Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swimming again

Ocoee with her swim instructor, while mom jumped out of the pool to grab her iphone and take a photo. He looks a little creepy but was really so nice!

So we swam again today and she was really getting after it. She swam several times from the instructor to me underwater. She was kicking so hard she would have crossed the whole pool I believe. There was one boy there who was crying and really upset about the water. I am so glad she seems to like the water so much. She hasn't cried once and just is so comfortable when she is in the water. I think she will do great in Maui.

So hubby has been at work for the classes and has missed her swimming. I called him today all proud of her swimming underwater so much and he was in disbelief.....really. He started googling videos of babies swimming under water. He think since she can't crawl yet how can she swim. I can't wait for her to show off her moves to him in Hawaii.....then he will believe it!

Also if your little one is big enough to watch santa videos, go to this awesome website and create a personalized video for them....way too cute!

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