Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby bath soak-homemade!

Ocoee loves bath time. She has graduated from her baby bath tub that I reviewed here to her new bath tub that is inflatable and fun. I love that it fits in the regular tub we have but allows her to be safe from slipping and hitting the hard side surfaces.

When we were in Hawaii we stopped at one of my favorite stores Lush and bought their amazing bath bombs. One was called the insomnia ibot bath bomb with chamomile and lavender essential oils to help sooth, relax and promote sleep. Ocoee loved it. As a crunchy mom, I loved that the products from Lush are free of any weird things, completely organic and never tested on animals.

I was reminded of the relaxation of a good bath with essential oils when I was visiting my brother. I got out of the shower and he mentioned I smelt like lavender. He is no fan of lavender but he remember some lavender bath products I had sent my niece when she was younger.....his memory was, BOY did she sleep well. There is nothing better than a well rested kid, which means the parents get rest also!

Ocoee is a fabulous sleeper and in order to promote this to continue I want to establish a good bedtime routine. A bath will be part of the routine.

The Lush products are a special treat but I was looking for something more affordable and didn't involve shipping and handling. While searching I found this great blog and her recipe for a homemade bath bomb.

I am going to make my own variations. I have dried lavender from a lavender infused vodka experiment that was...ok, but it is hard to mess up vodka. I also have a bunch of essential oils on hand. I buy loose leaf tea so chamomile will be on my list next time I hit the tea shop. I love the idea of oats and think I have some in the pantry.

These would make great baby shower party gifts, perfect for mom or kids!

Enjoy your soak!



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