Tuesday, June 5, 2012

While I am away....

I am starting summer school film camp. Although I love teaching film and our film festival at the Bears Tooth is a blast....I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was so looking forward to relaxing this summer and so far I have traveled, worked on the house, and now back to work!

Also Ocoee is still sick. She is miserable and I think it is teething...maybe? Low grade fever and she doesn't want to eat. You can feel the beginning of her first little tooth poking through. She is unconsolable and miserable. Hubby is home with her today while I work but he leaves tomorrow. If she has a temp I can't take her to daycare...oh my.

So while I juggle these crazy hurdles here are some cool things I would be checking out if I wasn't so busy.


My amazing friends new blog is Profoundly Ordinary....but it is anything but ordinary...check out her baby moose picts. Also she has a tab for our book club, so get your read on there. I personally just devoured the 50 Shades of Grey series....love my smut reading!

Also a few new apps you might like. A cool photo app here called pixlr....changes old photos you have to be jazzed up instagram style. Thanks Staci for sharing!

And a nice way to manage your babies health....been doing a lot of that lately. It is called BabyZoe and I have used it already to keep up with Ocoee's doctors appointments and growth. Super easy and free!

Also if you find an app that clones mommies please send to me!


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