Friday, June 22, 2012

Flash back

Today is the last day of my summer school film camp that I have been teaching for the last few weeks. We spent some time talking about "back in the day" with my students and I have to laugh at how far back my days seem to them.

This led me to look at some of my back in the day photos.

Ah, memories....nothing more embarrassing and cringe worthy like photos from almost 20 years of course I will share on the internet with everyone!

With my classmates in French class. Boy did I think I was cool. Wish I still had those shades! To this day I can conjugate verbs in French but can't speak a lick!

Really grainy but this was my favorite class-Drama. My very short acting career was in this class. That is me in the red wig and white tank top up front. Sigh, I have always wanted red hair.

Senior Prom with James this! He was in my drama class and a hilarious friend from high school! I am pretty sure I slathered body glitter from Victoria Secrets all over me for this big event! Yes Ocoee, when you grow up feel free to laugh at me :)

So there you go...

Happy Friday!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I loved looking at these old photos of you. You should post more :)