Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mrs early bird

Ocoee is still on Tennessee time- or she is truly an early bird. Genetically this seems a stretch since her father and I loathe mornings.

Yesterday though I was up and going by 6 and really made the most of it. First the weather was slap your momma gorgeous. After working in the yard for an hour while baby hung on he deck watching the chickens we had a walk in the park. Our park is truly magical. It has everything. We strolled through the birch trees and enjoyed the fresh ferns spread across the forest floor, while the dogs took a therapeutic dip in a mud puddle.

After giving the dogs a bath I consulted my phone to see it was barely 8.

Later the weather turned overcast and rainy so I was especially appreciative that I had the stunning morning weather. While I will never be a morning bird I can enjoy the benefits once I have had a few cups of tea. So now I sip on my tea and watch Ocoee bounce happily and wonder, what will today bring?



  1. I would have to agree that nothing is cozier than getting some exercise and a few tasks done before the day has hardly begun, especially when the weather turns sour! Wish I was there to enjoy some tea with you!

  2. Me too! Love tea with ya...great memories of chats.