Monday, June 4, 2012


Ocoee has a temp. 103.1-my heart is doing jumping jacks. She went to daycare on Friday for a few hours while I headed to the dentist. It is crazy because she never gets sick from flying with all the germs that are on airplanes but as soon as she heads back to daycare-WAM!

I called the dr and they said to give her infant ibuprofen to get the fever down. She is eating and drinking fine. Pretty tired so I can tell she isn't feeling 100%. It was the first time she has ever had a high temp and also her first medicine. I guess I should be happy she made it to 8 months before having to take anything.

Hubby came home early to help out and we are watching her like a hawk while letting her rest and relax. I hope he rebounds soon. My film camp that I am teaching begins tomorrow and hubby heads to kodiak Wednesday.

I hate seeing her sick and feel miserable that there really isn't much I can do. Oh, bug get better soon!



  1. If you have to use the drugs, use them sparingly and at a lesser dose than suggested. You can also keep her cool by wetting her head or laying a wet washcloth on her forhead and chest. If you babywear, do it skin to skin to help her regulate her temperature naturally.

  2. Oh man...poor girl! Something must be in the air because Kelton is running a fever too! Don't you just hate it when they get sick? Hope she feels better soon!