Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's day weekend

We celebrated Hubby's first father's day this weekend. He did such a great job planning an amazing birthday/mother's day weekend for me I really wanted it to be special.

First, he got to sleep in and have breakfast in bed. I even made coffee which I have never done. He told me how to hand grind the coffee beans and use the french press...being a tea person this was new to me, but easy peasy.

Ocoee of course loves to snuggle with her dad...she usually has breakfast in bed with him, happily sucking down her bottle.

After a lazy morning we headed to the park to take some dad and daughter pictures. They are great. I will upload those to photos shoots with Ocoee later....once I find my cord! This was Ocoee's first ride in the ergo on a back. She is bored looking at us in the ergo and squirms around to see the world. Hopefully the back will work for hiking, if not we will have to use the kelty backpack hiker.

After the photo shoot, Hubby requested lunch at Humpy's where they have a bloody mary bar...his favorite. He enjoyed making bloody marys with all the fixings and Ocoee did some serious people watching.

The best thing about this weekend is the sun blazed every day! It was magical after a week of rain. He sky was an eye scorching blue and we enjoyed hanging around outside, with not much to do (other than process 25 copper salmon).

For dessert we came home and had yogurt parfaits on the deck. The heat brought on a once in a blue moon thunderstorm in the evening. Yep that is right, for the first time since I have been in Alaska, I heard thunder and saw lightening. Perfect end to a nice relaxing father's day weekend.

Ocooe is lucky to be blessed with a wonderful father!


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  1. I just love your father's day candids... and Ocoee's headband is too cute for words! What a perfect day, and so happy the weather has turned for all of you. :)