Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer to do list

Since I vacationed home and then quickly started teaching my film camp, my summer hasn't really started. As of this Friday my summer BEGINS!

Here is my to do list for summer fun:

Beach picnic w/Ocoee and friends
Visit the zoo-never been to Anchorage Zoo
Practice letting Ocoee feed matter how messy
Garden a little each day so it is a act of joy not a choir
Hike some more
Get my 3 workouts in
Make more homemade baby food
Bond with the chickens
Sleep in....might need a babysitter to pull this off. (do they work from 6-9 in the morning?)
Read, read, read
Camp-I mean I live in Alaska right?
Explore every cute little shop that I never have time to explore
Walk the coastal trail with Ocoee more....great light cardio
At home pedi
Get a haircut
Get rid or more crap in order to simplify my life more...constantly doing this!
Make a to do list of values I want to teach Ocoee
Love my baby and hubby more, with intensity and focus...not the hurried I love you, while rushing out the door feeling
Watch a bore tide
Look for Belugas
Frisbee golf while baby wearing-possible right?

Getting this summer going with a camping trip this weekend. Woohoo!

Also Ocoee got her Pottery Barn kids order yesterday. She got a backpack, lunchbox, cute little frozen critters to keep her lunch cool, cloth napkins, and stainless steal container. She is prepared for lunch! I know it is a little early but since she will be moving to a new daycare I wanted a good way to get all of her food to school along with all the things she needs throughout the day. We also got a new organic sheet since they were on can never have too many sheets on hand with a baby I have learned!


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