Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alaska adventure

Tomorrow grandma and grandpa come to town. It is a big deal to have family visit since we live so far away. Ocoee hasn't seen grandma since September when she was up for her birthday and hasn't seen grandpa since she was 3 months old in Hawaii. These moments they will get to be together will be awesome. Ocoee is at the perfect age for building relationships and memories. 

Ocoee has had a fever on and off again which is due to teething. Some of the big back teeth are coming in and they can be a big pain! When she is teething she becomes clingy with me and need more love. The more I give the more she takes.  I am okay with that and have been very patient and I will let you in on my secret. 

Summer off work and an amazing daycare. Ocoee loves to play with her friends at daycare and they do ├╝ber coll art projects. I love the teachers in her room and think we vastly under pay our child care teachers!! Even though this is the most expensive daycare in the state, the workers don't get half of what they should. Our government should subside this very important work just like we do teachers. As a teacher I know how important very young learning and structure matter years down the road  

Ok off my rant. Back to my secret. Having daycare allows me to get errands done, go for hikes, work out or just sleep in a read a book in the summer. This recharges my batteries and allows me to indulge Ocoee's needs and my own. We all are much happier. I know I am blesses to have this time with her and even he time without her. I hope I can provide a good model for her about how to love and take care of yourself and your family in some sort of balance. 

I had some inspiration to revamp my old kitchen table. It has been painted About a dozen times and needed a new cost since the old one was damaged and showing wear. I had some leftover chalkboard paint and used it for the kitchen table. Now ocoee has a place to doodle (tree free) while we eat or make dinner and I can easily clean it up. Also place settings, potlucks-lots of possibilities!

So the title of this off topic blog was Alaskan adventure and we are heading for one this week. Friday we drive north to Denali national park for 4 days. We have a cabin rented and shuttle buses reserved. We hope to get backcountry permits to camp overnight while ocoee stays with grandma and grandpa at the cabin. We have fresh salmon for the grill and plans to hit up a few dining options of the north. Then we are back in town for a few days before headjng south where we have a cabin rented on the kenai river for some fishing with grandparents. Truly Alaskan adventures and exciting to share them with family. 


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