Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Juneau day 3

We started the day with the best breakfast at sandpiper cafe. Totally tasty! Ocoee had ricotta sourdough pancakes that was simply divine. Everything was yummy!

Another pleasant surprise was how nice the juneau public library downtown was. The views were stunning and the kids section was really fun and appealing to kids. We went for story time and crafts. There was singing and worms!! Ocoee had a blast and rounded up all the huge stuffed animals and ran around enjoying herself. It was so relaxing and catered to kids-my kind of library. 

We hit up Heritage coffee for some caffeine and then headed to the hotel for a mid day nap. It was more successful today and ocoee snoozed while I finished  my book club book-Favored daughter. It was from a few months ago so I am behind on reading. Nothing like a foggy coastal town to make you want to curl up with a big cup of tea and a good book. 

After nap we had a blah meal at Rockwell. Really blah food and terrible service. Ah well, you win some and lose some. Yesterday we had a great lunch at B's bakery and cafe. The owner was friendly and the cupcakes tempting. After a panini ocoee and I split a tasty oatmeal coconut cookie. It was a win. 

We hit up the Imagination toy store where Ocoee played and hubby and I wandered around looking at the cool toys. I could spend buckets of money in places like that. We settled on a set of Melissa and Doug paint brushes to use with a hand me up easel we received. It is really nice and I think bug is ready to start using it. We do "art" time at home since she gets so much at daycare I am tying to keep up! Back at the hotel we painted with the brushes using invisible paint and then had a nice long bath. Hubby is off socializing at a work function  and I am going to do a little yoga and read while bug sleeps. 


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