Saturday, June 15, 2013

Anchorage color run!

This morning ocoee and I participated in the color run. Hubby was gone dip netting the Copper (scored 72 reds and three kings!!) so we joined our book club girls and their kiddos for this messy, colorful, super fun event. 

First let me say there were 15,000 people doing the race. No one was worried about being fast, it was all about color and colorful pictures. Ocoee kicked back in her stroller with the rain shield on to protect her from the corn based color powder that the rest of us were doused, rolled and smeared in. 

The older kids loved pushing ocoee and sticking their hands under the rain guard to touch her and make her look like a mini rainbow along with us. 

It was a blast and afterwards we had champagne and nachos (classy combo) and hung outside at the Boxlers playing. 

By the time we got home ocoee crashes. Seeing the events of the day really wiped her out. 

When she woke up daddy was there and she was happy to see him. He gave her the best gift of time. After bath time he napped (dipnetting with no sleep wipes ya out even more than the color run) while she played baby with him. She had all her blanked covering him up. She takes good care of her babies. She is in total baby mode and loves all babies including her baby dolls, our friends babies, and her fuzzy brobro baby. She gives them all kisses and hugs before singing rockaby baby to them. 

After a dinner of copper river king salmon I am really feeling like it is summer and the heat wave of 4 plus weeks of sunshine just keeps on trucking!!


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