Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Not the bear. More like the kind that goes in the potty. Yep Ocoee has officially gone pooh twice in the toilet. Once in Juneau and once at home. Also as a disclaimer she also poohed in the tub for the first time. Not as cool as potty for sure. 

We have had potty books and mini potty and even a potty doll with her own little potty for awhile now. We don't make a huge deal about it just have really started asking her and she will now tell us when she has to pooh. 

He first week home I did you with the idea of commando training. This is where you let them run free and watch for signs and ask all the time about potty. We have tile floors so I figured not too bad to clean up. Them I stepped outside and back in. Ocoee had her potty book out and I asked if she needed potty. Nope. That was because when I picked the book up she had already poohed and placed the book on top. Maybe a sign from Ocoee. 

We are really happy the ball is rolling. 


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