Sunday, June 9, 2013

Juneau-the days all blur together.

The governors mansion. Pretty house on a pretty hill. I can imagine how much Sarah Palin hated it. Makes me giggle. 

Cool boardwalk hike that winds through the mountain side of Juneau. Flume trail begins at the top of downtown and is sunny, lush and abundant with waterfalls.  A must do. We even pushed Ocoee in her stroller though we had to take her out and cross a few waterfalls and steeper areas. 

Tracy's crab shack. Best seafood bisque ever! The legs were tasty and sexy! Just a little shack at the end of Franklin street by the cruise ships. Ocoee woofed down a few chunks of king crab and we enjoyed some beers and crab. Yum!

Savikko park is across the bridge in Douglas. Perfect sandy beach on a sunny day in Juneau. We were very content and shook about a gallon of sand out of our daughter at the end of the day. Friends cooked up frag caught king salmon on the grill and we chilled out watching the many float planes land. 

Project Playground is a huge community funded and designed playground at twin lakes about 10 minutes down the road from downtown Juneau. The hosted a family fishing day with activities and a stocked lake for fishing. The playground was a huge hit with ocoee and we visited twice. 

Found a good beach for tossing rocks. The sunshine and weather have been amazing. The wildlife viewing has been great too. Two days of seeing bears. A ridiculous plethora of eagles. 

Recommendation in food:

Twisted fish. Great place to sit outside on a sunny day. Decent food and good portions. Service can be spotty but we had good both times. 

The rookery: very Portland style food and even serve stumptown coffee. The food was tasty but small portions and took forever to get. Noisy in a way I like but others might find annoying. Cute concept and location (next to shoe fly on Seward) and trendy tasty good. Order and spend a lot to get full. 

A good idea is to buy a bag of popcorn from willoughby's gourmet pop corn a d walk the docks looking at the amazing yatches and ginormous cruise ships. I recommend the Juneau flavor. Yum. Get some local brewed root beer also. Great snack!

Back to anchorage tomorrow. Juneau has been a good trip. Can't wait to come back when Ocoee is older and kayak and do some more hiking. 


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  1. I love how you kid enjoys the beauty of the beach. Really cute kid! I remember how my 3 year old kid also enjoys the experience he had when we first brought him to the beach. My husband actually went for some Vanuatu gamefishing that time and we're so thankful because our son loved the experience.