Friday, June 14, 2013

End the mommy wars!!!!

We all make choices in life about how we want to live and as parents how we want to raise our children. It seems there is a lot of judgement between moms about what is right, wrong and just plain awful. These are referred to as the mommy wars.

A new project aim to end the mommy wars through bringing visual images of people with different perspectives together. Pretty cool idea...check out here.

I know that I have very firm ideas about raising Ocoee on some things and others I tend to float around and hope I will never have to deal with. Sometimes my ideas are shattered, other times I nail it. I do know that parenting is hard work and I have MUCHO! respect for all the parents out there giving it their all. I also think many different styles will work, it is about knowing the crazy little genetic makeup that is your child.

It has been another beautiful week in Alaska so hence no much blogging going on. Today we had the zoo then walking the coastal trail with friends this afternoon. Yesterday we had our first dentist visit (post coming soon) and a going away BBQ. Hubby is dipnetting the Copper River for some tasty salmon and then we have Father's Day on Sunday.....oh yea and the Color Run tomorrow! We Alaskans take our summer seriously and the never ending daylight allows us to play hard and long.


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  1. I love this post! I recently encountered some mommy wars, and it made me feel awful. Being a mom is one of the hardest things ever, and without the support and input of my fellow mommy friends, I would be lost.