Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Juneau day 2

Day 2 in Juneau and the weather was typical southeast weather. Cloudy and drizzle.  I actually like this kind of weather when I am in a coastal town like Juneau. The waterfalls seem more lush and the green foliage pops against the grey skies. 

Ocoee and I headed to August Brown swimming pool. For $4 you can swim in the huge heated salt water pool that is 4 feet deep and gradual entry that makes it perfect for kids. It was toddler swim time but we were the only people in the whole pool! It was a great swim and we plan to go again. Access to warm pools is pretty limited in anchorage so this was a great find. 

After lunch we hit the Rainy Retreat book store. We got a great local kids book about the famous Patsy Anne dog from Juneau and some books for my classroom about the southeast. They even had a teachers discount. Great store. 

Next we popped next door to Shoe Fly and Ocoee was in nirvana. She loved all the shoes! I couldn't help but laugh as she played with all the ridiculous sparkly high heeled kids shoes. I really hope she doesn't ask for any of these any time soon. We did get some new smart wool socks and hat-or as the nice Canadians taught ocoee a tuke (stocking hat). Ocoee could have played in that corner of the shoe store for hours. Shoe fly is the sister store of Shoezy Q which is located downtown Anchorage. Super cute shoes and great staff. 

After a long unsuccessful attempt to take a nap Ocoee and I headed downstairs to have a glass of wine and see her favorite new thing. Buddha. I think she is tapping into her inner spirituality because she is semi-obsessed with Buddha. She also made friends with the owner of Zen's (the Chinese restaurant in the hotel) son Henry. Ocoee was able to play with him while mommy had wine. 

Dinner was Bullwinkles pizza which was ok. The best thing was the free popcorn that came with the order. It was yummy. 


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