Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are you Hungry.....for some Hunger Games!

My friend's office window at school....a little Hunger Game's obsessed! Love it.

As a middle school teacher I read a lot of young adult fiction. Some is eh....ok, others can be down right bad. I was thrilled when my book club, Get Lit, (as in literature and.....well we do our fair share of celebrating) chose the Hunger Games a few years back to read.

I love this book. We have read the entire series and the first two were great examples of young adult literature playing with adult and worldly themes. The last one was totally a let down. The author seemed to be in a rush and the writing reflected that.

All of us have pre-purchased our tickets and are going right after school this Friday to watch the movie. For your Twilight fans I have heard there will be a full preview of the Break Dawn part II movie before Hunger Games start.

If your a real die hard you might like to try out this craft here. It involves the quote, "I just want to spend every minute of the rest of my life with you."

Awww, aren't teenagers so romantic :)


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