Friday, March 9, 2012

Northern Lights and Napa

We are truly blessed to have a happy baby. She is even a morning person...have no idea where she got that!

Last night in Alaska we were treated to a beautiful display of northern lights, or aurora borealis. We can see them from our house from time to time, looking out the skylights we can see them dance across the mountains. Last night we packed up Ocoee and drove out to Arctic Valley, about 10 minutes away and watched a spectacular display.

This was our first real display this winter and maybe our last chance since the daylight is getting longer and longer. I wish I had some photos to show...but my camera was already packed for Napa so I just sat back and watched the lights.

Here is a link to the Anchor Daily News where people post their photos.

I am very excited for our trip to Napa. We leave tonight on the red eye and will be in wine country by tomorrow morning. I am going to leave behind my laptop and Gasp! take a break from blogging, pininterest and facebook. I will have my trusty iphone 4s so I won't be totally unplugged but close to it.

My focus is all family...and wine on this trip. I am taking along my nice camera and hope to get a few quality photos. I have a couple of good books, including our new book club book, Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, a local Alaskan author.

Ocoee has traveled to Seattle and Hawaii and has been a great little traveler so far so we are knocking on wood that she does well on this trip to California.

My super duper cool friend, Staci, has an amazing blog you should read here while I am on hiatus. Her writing is brilliant and she evens edits and stuff....such an overachiever :)

Also a great online magazine I write for Broadsheet 360. I am thinking of writing a mommy rant for them soon, so any ideas of what we should rant about, let me know!

Happy Spring Break!


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