Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Live simply

Spring is here and I really want to make some changes in my life. The joy of having Ocoee has been overwhelming and life changing in itself, but my core health and happiness could use some simplifying.

One of the areas I am examining to make changes in is my health. I have endured nagging little ailments since I went back to work. First the dreaded allergies, caused by icky mice in my office, then a series of coughs, colds and general run down feeling. At first I felt that it was my immune system rebounding after being in the house for 3 months with limited exposure.

Now I realize that I just haven't been taking care of myself. I have been taking care of those I love, traveling and working...who has time for themselves?

But I know that taking care of myself is a good example to my family and allows me to be strong and healthy when they need me. So I am getting back into my workout routine, bought some yoga classes, tweaking my eating and trying to get some physical activity outside as often as I can. After a long snowy, winter, spring is blowing through my life like a breath of fresh air.
I also thought about the time we spend together as a family. This led me to cancel cable and internet...gasp!

Really we cancel every summer because we are outside more than in and often out fishing, hiking and camping. Hubby really wants to camp more. I was really large and preggers last summer and camping just wasn't that great. I can't wait to get out this year. I am thinking Ocoee will be a wonderful little camper.

We have a habit of turning the TV on but really don't watch it. I wanted to break this habit. Instead we can read a book, relax and chat with each other, listen to records and just make a choice that doesn't involve the TV. We will do Netflix to watch the series and movies we love but we can do that on our schedule. We also will save money.

Already I notice we sit and chat after dinner...and we are eating at the table instead of on the couch. This is how I want my daughter raised so it makes me happy. I am pretty against TV for her before at least age 3, and then I want to make sure it is quality tv, with out all the advertisements.

Does this make us seem crunchy and weird? I don't really care. Already I am feeling better and happier. My life isn't simple really but I can make it a goal to live simply in some areas of my life and focus on the things that really matter. Home, family, friends, shared memories, being outside, savoring a glass of beer or wine, laughing, LOVE.


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