Monday, March 5, 2012

A girl's weekend

Hubby and I both planned trips for a nice break away...his was the annual ice fishing trip to North Dakota and mine was this weekend in Palm Springs. A good friend invited me down to her mom's house in Palm Springs for some sun, warmth and relaxation.

It was great to just lay in the sun by the pool, with my hat and SPF 50 on my face of course! The company was good and we ate a delicious meal at Lavender Bistro. The atmosphere was as good as the food!

I did however miss my little Ocoee. I missed 3 night time kisses, several meals where she is developing her solid food eating skills and a lot of cuddles. I was able to try and block it out and just relax and enjoy myself. Hubby did a great job with her and enjoyed his one on one time. He did have a little bit of a fever one night but recovered quickly. I had alerted my good friend Staci that she was the mom on call in case he got in over his head, but the fever thankful was a quick bug and then gone.

I heard a baby cry on the plane and 6 months ago I would have just put my earbuds in and tuned it out but this time it made me misty eyed thinking of my little baby. Who really isn't that little anymore. She changed so much in the few days I was gone. This morning she had new sounds she was playing with and seemed so grownup. She ate her baby mush like a champ and chatted away as I gave her a bath. Just the feeling of her weight in my arms, her presence against my chest and her sweet baby smell was bliss.

I missed her and I am really happy to be home. Plus I actually have a little bit of a tan. Woo Hoo!


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