Thursday, March 8, 2012

Away we go

In Anchorage this year we have had 126 inches of snow! That is a lot of snow, even for Alaska. We only need 6.8 more inches to break the most ever record and snow keeps falling so we should shatter it!

This much snow can be a pain at times though. It is great for skiing, both cross-country and downhill, but everyday life like getting in and out of your drive way can become a huge struggle. Our mailbox is the most recent victim of too much snow. The neighborhood snow plow demolished it while cleaning up our giant snow pile that had been sitting in the culd-de-sac all February.
The picture above shows Hubby standing on a trash can that normal is above ground and normal sized. In the park we are walking on all 126 inches packed down hard.

I am actually hoping we break the record because I can picture myself always telling Ocoee that she was born right before the worst winter on Alaska that is saying a lot. I remember being in the hospital and looking out at the mountains after she was born and seeing the first snow of the year. At the time I was so anxious and worried about this precious little life that was my responsibility. Now 5 months later I am excited everyday to wake up and just be with her.

Tomorrow we head out to snow for a week of Spring Break bliss. It will be the first trip that is a true vacation alone with no family meeting us, no work to do. My goal is to drink wine, eat fresh foods and relax with my hubby and baby. Hubby's plan is to fish. Ocoee's plan is continue down her solid food path...she is really loving this new phase.


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