Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty all around us

I believe one of the reasons a baby is so special is that we begin to see the world through fresh eyes like they have. We see the beauty of the baby and it is reflected in the world we live. Feasting my eyes on beauty, especially the natural beauty of the earth, lightens my heart. I sounds very crunchy with that, but it is true.

California was filled with stunning trees. I have a soft spot in my heart for photographing trees. These are all from the Armstrong National Redwood Reserve Park.

At our rental house, perched over the Russian River, a few miles from the ocean.

These flowers in blue really set of the misty blue of the beaches of Sonoma County. It literally grew everywhere.

And the biggest beauty of them all, little Ocoee. She is such a fun baby. Yesterday she was so sleepy from the drive home that she napped in her car seat for a few minutes. After I took her to her bedroom and rocked for a bit with a bottle she found her second wind and wanted to spend time in her office playing. I straightened her room while she played and after a few minutes I looked down to see that she had rolled across the floor and taken 2 of her dangling toys with her. How did she manage that?

I am counting the weeks until I can be with her full time. Only 8 more weeks of school. The summer will fly by I am sure but to be able to spend those 3 months with her will be amazing. Last year I was counting the weeks until school was out because I was tired, pregnant and just ready to relax a bit. I can't believe that was a year ago.....we have done so much but the trickiness of time makes it all seem so fast.


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