Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Customer service

I shop for Ocoee often how I shop for touch. If it feels soft you know that you will want to wear it again and again. The brand Small Plum I have raved about before but now I am truly a fan.

Here is Ocoee in her Small Plum onesie. This is a weekly photo we take of she is 22 weeks!

Ocoee has several Small Plum items and I was disappointed when I had one outfit lose a button after just a wash and another snagged. The quality is usually amazing and most have been through the wash 20 or more times by now. The onesies are stretchy and soft, made of eco-friendly bamboo.

So I took the time to write Small Plum and was answered immediately. They were so nice and offer to replace the damaged items. They even let me pick out new onesies that were part of their new catalogue.

Above are the two new onesies that arrived yesterday. The are adorable. The products are on Zulilly today if you want some for your little one.

The new onesies came with a very nice note and I have to say the whole experience was positive. They made me a loyal customer. It is so refreshing to have great customer service. They truly are a fabulous company. They even do a garment recycling program with the items being donate to Baby Buggy, Jessica Seinfield's non-profit in New York. Gotta love a business with a conscious.

I also received new baby legs. The latest versions are SPF 50 sun blockers. I was thinking this would be good for Ocoee to use as arm warmers when we are driving the coast next week in California. Sitting in the car can often be an overlooked time for sun exposure and I am not sure if the rental will have tinted windows so these will be perfect!


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  1. Really cute stuff! How do you pronounce your daughters name?