Saturday, March 17, 2012

Russian river, California.

Hubby and I are self described beer snobs. I saw a poster on pininterest. That said if you see me at a party drinking a bud lite, I have been kidnapped and I am sending you signals. That is very true for me.

I have been lucky because hubby is a great home brewer and we have yummy craft breweries in anchorage. So good beer is easy to come by. After 10 month of no drinking though I find myself drinking more wine.

So after years of hitting up every brewery on our travels we planned a spring break in wine country. We are not wine snobs at all, so we were skeptical.

We specifically picked the Russian river area because it is known for it's great Pinot noirs which is our favorite. We rented a great house right on the river. Hubby was able to kayak and fish in the mornings. The house had many levels of decks and was surrounded by tall redwoods. I will post pictures later.

It was beautiful and just a few miles from the coast. The little towns were fun to drive and explore. We were closest to Duncan's mills and guernsville.

There is a road called river road that has tons of wineries. Some small like arista and hop kiln. Others old and estate like which is what korbel was like. We worked the east side and west side of the river stopping at wineries and having picnics.

This area was not snobby-uppity wine country. We heard a lot that Napa could be a little Exclusive but the Russian river was full of farmers and hippies. My kind of area. And boy were the wines good.

Ocoee also did great. At all the tastings she either charmed the folks around or just crashed in her baby carrier. She flew so well. No crying or fussing. We are so lucky! This was her 3rd trip and she has clocked over 14,000 miles on an airplane!

Having a house worked so well. At night we put her down in the bedroom, happily sleeping in her peapod and we would cook, drink wine, sit by the fire pit and listen to the sounds of the river.

It was a perfect spring break. We took it easy and just enjoyed family time.


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