Thursday, March 29, 2012

A party

Last night she was able to nap for a bit but then was right in the middle of the action for the birthday party. She loved all the hugs, being passed around from person to person, and basking in the attention. It was interesting watching her scan the room and take in her new surroundings.

By 7:30 I knew we had to get her to sleep or she would become crabby. We had her peapod all set up in an upstairs bedroom and laid her down for bed. It took about 20 minutes of bottle and a little crying but then she was fast asleep and we enjoyed the party. Getting her up, and from car seat to home worked pretty smoothly as well. I am happy she seems to be able to roll with the flow.

It was sorta a big deal. She is now the age where I am not super sensitive to her schedule. I always want a nice schedule for her but with flexibility.

After all being flexible is a worthy trait. In personality and body. So I am learning to be a more flexible mom every day, also heading to Laughing Lotus for a little yoga tonight as well. May I bend when needed but not break.


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