Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homemade baby food

Our Cuisinart rocks for purees. Love the bright green color of the peas.

Here I am prepping the green sprouts mold to store the apple puree I made. It was so yummy I think I will make our own applesauces from now on...or apple butter..YUM!

From the moment I got pregnant I knew I wanted to make homemade baby food. For the last month we have been introducing foods to Ocoee.

At first there was a lot of mess and play, but these days she is really chowing down. She has a great appetite, she loves to eat !

Since we have been so busy and traveling a ton, we have just had meal time of solids with her maybe once a day. Then we added another. Most of these have been a little cereal mixed with some Ella's store bought organic baby food.

Today I finally got a chance to make some real batches of baby food. I had some organic peas and apples on hand. Using a cook book my lovely cte coworkers bought me I quickly steamed and puréed these. I can't believe how easy it is. We purchased a food processor when we first found out I was preggers and it nicely blends the food. Love it!

Baby even seemed to like and eat her peas! I threw a few in the green sprouts silicone tray to freeze and have for later. I am really excited to make her food. I am a firm believer homemade taste better because of the love you put into it. That is why your mom's or grandma's cooking can't be duplicated, the love is the special ingredient. And lots of butter :)

Any of you have special baby recipes you would like to share

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