Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 6 months

Today is Ocoee's 6 month in this planet. We had planned a 1/2 year celebration but she has a cold and was feeling so run down we cancelled. She has only managed one smile for me today, which for her is a sure indicator she isn't feeling well. No temp but just still fighting these nagging colds.

I went to daycare and snuggles during lunch. Then picked her Up right after school. We came home and got the bathroom super steamy and took a warm bath while the steam worked in her congestion.

Now she is napping and I am celebrating her 6 months with a skinny girl vodka ( vodka, sparkling water and lime).

I need it. I had anxiety filled nightmares where my worries for her manifested in odd scenes. I had so much anxiety after she was born, but she has always been such a happy, healthy baby that I was able to overcome these feelings.

I have learned that the best recipe to relieve this stress is to spend time snuggling and kissing my darling. And a nice beverage helps!!


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