Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving on up...

Ocoee has been pretty run down lately. She is fighting of her 3rd cold of this year. None have really gotten her down but this one seems to have her pretty tired. She is still eating well, no temp and sleeping lets hope this goes away quickly.

We did have some big changes this weekend as well. We are officially moving from her infant carrier to the Britax car seat. The Britax we choose because it has amazing safety ratings. We also have a Cosco (also received great safety ratings) for travel and my car....which is small, so it fits a little better. It is nice and lightweight at only 11 pounds.

I definitely had a love/hate relationship with her infant carrier. It was heavy, she was 10 pounds 1o ounces at birth after all, and our garage is small so the maneuvering was a challenge. On the other side, she could sleep anywhere...which was amazing.

With the new car seat she also has to wear a jacket now. For those of yo outside of Alaska, yes it is spring but that means temps from 20-40 and still a TON of snow to melt.

I think she looks awfully cute in her jacket....first jacket of her life. I have a bit of a jacket fetish so this thrilled me. I am not so much into shoes or jewelry but a good jacket makes my day.

Our little girl is growing up. But this morning as I plopped her in bed with her daddy for some snuggles I was reminded how little and delicate she really is. Her skin is so perfect and her hair puffs up like little baby duck fluff.

Tomorrow we go to her 6 month appointment to get all her stats. It will be interesting to see how much she has grown from last time.


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