Wednesday, April 4, 2012

6 months stats!

I love the series of shots above. It is pretty indicative of how Ocoee is on a normal day. She loves making faces, blowing raspberries and her variety of sounds is astonishing.

She eats 3 meals a day in solid foods. Her favorite is homemade peas with a little oatmeal cereal and yogurt mixed in. She is attempting to use a sippy cup, not much success there yet.

She has been rolling over for 3 months, has begun to inch worm around, and loves to bend and contort when she is in her bumbo chair, high chair or your lap. She just moved into her big girl car seat and is wearing a jacket instead of a snow suit for the first time.

Ocoee weighs 17.2 pounds....this is a little light due to her recent cold and her waning appetite, which has improved. Her weight is in the 50 percentile. Her head is still abundant in the 90% group along with her height of 27 inches, 90%.

She is growing well and strong. She had a complete meltdown when she received her shot yesterday. We tried to give her a bottle, I had a ice pack and none of that distracted her enough. She was so mad. Of course I had to yank her from her daddy to give her my love....I can't stand to have her cry and not be in my arms. I think in her mind that daddy is the fun one and I am the soothing one. So she did quiet down when I hugged her to me, but then she remembered the injustice that had happened to her and stomped her feet and really went at it. It was heartbreaking.

By the time 10 minutes had passed we had fed her and she was smiling and laughing again. This short term memory does my heart good.

We love our little girl with all of our hearts. She is this perfect little thing that has blown our world apart. Her smile is the highlight of my day.



  1. Oh my gosh...I love all of these pictures! She sure makes some funny faces!

  2. I know, they crack me up. She gets them all from her dad....I may be the vocal one but he is the expressive one.

  3. We weighed Ellis earlier last weekend...16 pounds. Yup, he's a chunker.