Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10,000 hits!

As of yesterday I officially am over the 10k mark with visits to this little ol' blog here. Thanks mom-in-law :)

I am a documenter. I believe it goes back to my journalism roots. I take photos, collect facts and write about what happens along the way. I love looking back at the past and preserving the memories for the future. That way if I go senile I can always reread this blog!

I am not sure if I share too much here on the blog, but if you know me I am an open person. I actually do have a journal for my little passion flower that I write the truly private stuff in, but the other stuff (an all encompassing word for the woes, joys and utterly chaos of being a new mom) I love to hash out here...with you all.

One last thing...I watched a movie last night via is the Angelina Jolie movie, In the land of blood and honey. I do not recommend this movie...avoid it! It was well written, directed and acted, but it left me haunted and shaken emotionally.....I am still bugged by it today, a small knot in my throat that I can't shake. There were scenes that ripped me apart. I wish I could have just not seen it!


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