Thursday, April 26, 2012


Tomorrow Ocoee will have her first graduation- she will move from the little butterfly room at her daycare Hillcrest to the big butterfly room.

I am extremely sad to leave Ms. Renea her teacher, as I know Ocoee will be too. Ms. Renea loves all her babies and Ocoee thrived under the warmth of this love.

We have been spending a little time each day this week together in the big butterfly room. Ocoee spends some time in the mornings there as well so the transition hopefully will go well. The new teachers in the room are loving and kind, so I know Ocoee will be in good hands.

Just another milestone in the life of a baby. I don't know if in 10-20 years if Ocoee will remember the 3 months she spent with Ms. Renea-but I will. Hubby and I will be happy that she is just across the hall so we can join the groups of parents who still stop by to say hello. The first few months of a new babies life is so stressful and emotional, I don't think I would have been able to stay at my job if we had not found a place we felt comfortable. We are so thankful to have found Hillcrest.

We thank Ms. Renea for being a caregiver, educator and loving adult to Ocoee. She has given us so much advice. She truly is a fountain of wisdom.

This weekend is the annual cleanup weekend. Each family must volunteer hours as part of their enrollment at Hillcrest. I love this idea and wish we could require this in public schools!
We will go and do our part, and as Ocoee grows we hope it shows her the model for being involved in your community. We are all better when we help each other.


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