Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter weekend

Today was the most fabulous event hosted by my friend Shelly and her neighbors. About 60 kids all got together to hunt 3000 eggs in the deepest snow in anchorage history. The snow is falling thick and heavy as I type. Growing up in the south I find it amazing to have snow on Easter. The event was a fundraiser for kids kitchen here in anchorage.

Ocoee and I watched. Maggie, our friends daughter, would hunt eggs for Ocoee and then bring them to her. Such a sweet child! Kids and parents kept falling through the huge snow piles that have gotten soft due to our warmer temps. There was a mimosa bar for adults and good friends to warm up inside with after the hunt.

Before the event Ocoee and a friends daughter poses for an adorable photo shoot with their real pet bunny. Photos coming soon! Easter is more run this year than it has been in years.

As Ocoee was being passed around and loved on by my friends I felt overwhelming joy that she loves people and even though we don't have family here we are lucky to have such good friends. Alaskans in my mind are just the best kind of people. The kindness and openness we have experienced with people here has truly made this home for us.

Happy Easter weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness the cold I can't imagine. Looks like a fun day!

  2. Yea the kids were exhausted from trying to walk through all the deep snow, they kept falling through. The are tough Alaskan kids though!