Wednesday, April 18, 2012

surviving without hubby

Brodie is the man of the house when Hubby is gone.

My husband is my rock.....I am more like the sea, volatile one minute calm the next. I move and change directions often and the things that come out of my mouth...can be a bit salty!

Hubby on the other hand is calm, cool and collected. He chooses his words wisely and likes to be rooted in place. His beliefs are not easily swayed and he likes concrete things like numbers and facts.

I live on feeling and hunches.

So we ying and yang it up pretty well together. When I am mad I yell, he doesn't respond, I yell more....because I grew up where yelling was what we did.....we got it off our chests big time when we were feeling mad, sad, happy....heck anything, we yelled.

Hubby grew up where expressing yourself was quieter and often in the midwest just kept all that nonsense to yourself and kept on keeping on.

He is out of town. Just a quick trip but his absence throws my compass off. Me without him is like popcorn without truffle oil and parmesan....still ok but couldn't we spice it up a bit.

So when I got home yesterday....already in one of those moods to find that 13 year old first baby, had an accident on the floor, I thought yea this is one of those day alright.

Brodie on the beach in Homer, AK...salt water is one of his triggers for upset stomach. He learned this lesson the hard way.

Love, Guiness and Brodie....our furry pack!

Brodie often has stomach issues that leave messes for me to clean up. He has triggers and we have learned them...the problem is, like most labs, he loves to eat. LOVES to. He will eat lettuce, grass, anything we eat and even picks raspberries from the bush to eat. When we left our cabbage outside too late and it rotted on the vine due to an early frost....he ate that.

I am writing about surviving without hubby and really my dogs are a huge part of that. They keep me company, make me feel safe and Ocoee loves them. Dogs win out over parents already in her world. Yesterday after we cleaned up the mess we went upstairs to play. Of course Brodie and Guiness are always within a foot of me or hubby so they were right there in the nursery too. Ocoee sat in her crib, smiling and laughing as the dogs poked their snouts in looking and smelling her. She seemed to be playing peek-a-boo with them and telling them all of her secrets and stories from the day.

Hubby will be home late tonight, so in the mean time Brodie is resting outside and hoping to get past his, belly issues. We will all be rolling around on the floor later together, pulling closer to each other, waiting for our rock to be back.

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