Monday, April 23, 2012

This, that and all of it!

Here is our little bambino, love bug, bugaroo, Ocoee Dael Fey at 28 weeks old. She is just a few blinks away from crawling, eats 3 meals a day of solids (purees), and babbles like a brook!

We had a nice weekend, very relaxing. On Friday we had the kids sale in Palmer from Bella Kids.  Afterwards I joined my book club for a great discussion of Snow Child by local Alaskan author Eowyn Ivey. The book deals with a difficult subject, infertility and yearning for children, in a beautifully written fiction story. The ladies of my book club, made some wonderful points and insights and we all loved the book. It touched us all deeply.

On Saturday we did our spring cleaning of the garage. We were making room for our chicks we will be getting soon and my hubby's new project the keezer, which will keep our mini kegs of sparkling water, homebrew and kombucha cool. Yes I am a lucky girl to have all my liquid needs satisfied by my home-brewing husband. If you have never tried kombucha or want to make your own check this site out.

We also had a chance to stop by our friends and visit. We returned some borrowed baby items and were amazed by how much their son had grown. He spoke really well and was a little bundle of energy. He very sweetly shared his toys with Ocoee and I think she loved seeing someone closer to her size. It was a nice glimpse into the future, since Ocoee will be doing all those things soon as quickly it goes by!

On sunday, we were upstairs in the nursery with baby. Hubby was playing peek a boo with baby while she sat in her crib, I was in the rocker close by. Ocoee leaned a little too much and slowly tipped over and tapped her head against the side of the crib. Literally I watched this in slow motion but didn't have time to grab her before she made contact. I saw that it wasn't painful and thought she might shrug it off, but as I pulled her into my arms she let out the worse cry ever.

I have never heard this cry but it crushed me. She just kept jerking her head and squeaking, completely devastated by the injustice of the fall. She seemed to be saying NO! this is not acceptable. I know her feelings were hurt more than anything but I was put on edge. I held her using the 5's and comfort techniques I have read work for pain in infants. She took a few minutes to calm down. I had a hard time sleeping and kept waking up to the sounds of a baby cry, only to discover she was sound asleep.......if this is the emotional response of being a mom, to a tiny bump, how will I deal with the real bumps and bruises her body and feelings will take in life. I chose to believe it gets easier, but my feelings are still as tender as hers when I think about it.

This morning though she was happily babbling and playing with her Sophie the giraffe while soaked in pee and with one leg stuck out of her crib.....happy as a bird with a french fry. How can you explain that?


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