Monday, April 30, 2012

Blissful Baby

I was worried that Ocoee would have a hard time in her new room today at daycare. I had a chance to stop in quickly on my lunch break to check on her. She was sleeping blissfully. All of the other babies had woken up to eat but she snoozed on!

Obviously she feels pretty comfy. I watched and soaked in the absolute peace and bliss of a sleeping baby.

Check out our new photo shoot here.

This weekend we had a few events which Ocoee did so well at. First we went out for a quick happy hour on Friday. Ocoee sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time ever and seemed pretty happy to be out with us. I left early and hubby stayed for a little social time. Ocoee was still in bed by her normal time, a win-win. Another reason I am a fan of happy hour.

On Saturday we went to a friends for dinner. When we walked in there were about 10 adults and 7 kids running around. We had to wake Ocoee up to head over since she goes to bed around 5ish.....when we walked in she burst into tears right was just too much for her. It was just a little cry fest and then she was eager to see who was all there. We visited for a few minutes and then put her in her peapod where she happily returned to dreamland until late that night when we left. At home she fell right back asleep. It was nice to be able to still do something like we used to and keep the baby happy.

She is really learning to roll with flow, which is an important skill.


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