Monday, January 30, 2012

4 months

122 days, or 4 months ago our lives changed forever.

I have been trying to find a way to describe how I feel as a mom. I have fallen in love before, given love to others, received love and lost love. With you I created love. Now that love lives outside of me, in the world, with me as her protector, guide, friend and most of all mommy.

The baby announcement we sent out when you were born. Mommy actually just sent the last one yesterday....a bit late.

Cuddling in bed before work on her 4 month birthday. Hard to believe all the changes she has gone through in the last 4 months.

Ocoee turned 4 months today. We celebrated by singing her happy birthday this morning with cuddles in bed.

Then she had to go to the doctor.....and I had to go to work so daddy was her escort. After the appointment he called with a full report.

Ocoee you weigh 14.8 pounds and are 25 1/2 inches long. Your head has moved back onto the growth charts and the doctor says your growth is excellent.

You also got another round of shots. BOOO! Daddy says you freaked out, that breaks my heart. I am ordering your buzzy bubble bee for shot relief tomorrow!

The doctor asked us about solids. We haven't started any yet because all the books say 6 months is a good time. The doctor said sooner was ok, most of his patients start around 3 months. I have noticed you really watching me while I eat so I think your interested. We will discuss this and come up with a game plan soon.

Your a beautiful healthy baby. Here is a list of your accomplishments so far.

Rolling is totally easy for you. You have been doing so since 3 months and now you roll around like it's your job.

You still kick your foot non-stop. We haven't had another swim class lately but you seem to be made to be a swimmer with those leg kicks!

Your a chatty, chatty baby.

You smile and laugh a lot. You can even smile while your crying.

You have entered the "I like to be held" phase. You love to ride around in the baby bjorn or just on my hip.

Every morning I grab you and we snuggle before work. You then have breakfast in bed with dad. You always have a smile for me when I get you and most of the time you are already awake and just hanging out in your crib waiting for me.

You sleep through the night 90% of the time. You only wake if your hungry.

You eat about 40 ounces a day.

You have out grown your swing and most of your 6 month clothes.

We love you bug! Happy 4 month birthday!