Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Care update!!!

So, my heart skipped, skidded and crashed...

Hubby sent me an email saying, in effect, he didn't think our daycare was good for Ocoee. You see, when I think something is wrong or bad, I sometimes need Mike's perspective because I can be a bit judgy and have unrealistic expectations at times....but when hubby thinks something is wrong I know we need to take action.

They aren't bad, this daycare, just not the right fit for us.

So I called our other daycare, the crunchy, cool parent co-op that we had reserved for the fall, and begged if there was an opening....

And there was. The director was just about to call me. Amazing. My heart lifted and I was so happy. This seems meant to be.

She will start at Hillcrest the first week of February. They also do cloth diapers, they are small and homey, with a welcoming vibe and a great philosophy. We are required to volunteer 20 hours a year...brilliant idea. I can't wait.

So this going back to work has been harder than I thought. But I am feeling empowered about our change. I hope little bug likes it as much as we do...or else plan C....hide her in my office :)


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