Monday, January 30, 2012

New daycare started yesterday!

Ocoee spending time in her office...aka her baby play office mate called his sons that and I think it is so fitting I am stealing it...because she gets in there and plays and kicks like it is her job!

Ocoee switches to her new daycare yesterday. It may take a little while to give you an update about how she is doing...since we are heading to Seattle Thursday, this will be a 2 day week for her.

Areas we are hoping she improves is eating and sleeping. She has a great appetite at home but was not eating much at her old daycare. She also barely slept there but was a great sleeper at home.

We went last Thursday to meet with the new teacher in the infant room, called the butterfly room. In the butterfly room the teacher, Mrs. Renea is amazing. She had us feeling at home immediately. We hung out for an hour or more and just discussed Ocoee and she told us about the things they do in her room. The babies often read books, listen to music in various languages and have belly time. This is so much more like our home time!! I was in love with Mrs. Renea in minutes.

The environment at the daycare is also so much warmer and welcoming. The butterfly room has only 4 babies and only up to 6 month in age, then they transition to another infant room. The room felt like a comfy room in a warm house. There were many of the same toys, mobiles and books there that we have at home.

The closer it is to being like home the better I feel. I know diversity is important but I spent a ton of time investigating all the things in Ocoee's environment so to see that they use the same items makes me feel like our ideas are aligned and I also think Ocoee will feel more comfortable.

I am using the word feel a lot. This is because feelings and my gut reaction is truly how I make decisions. I do like to research and ask questions, but really this is just to satisfy that my gut was right.

Hillcrest just feels so much better.