Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cold, cloth and sucking thumbs

Cloth really is cool!

It is a beautiful, cold as balls day here in Alaska. Last night it was -25 at out house. We live on the East side of Anchorage so we get the joys of having the Chugach Mountains at our back door, the remote, quiet and enchanting Russian Jack park just steps from our front door and temperatures that are usually 10 degrees colder than the rest of Anchorage. The colder temps are due to cold pockets of air rushing down the mountains and sitting on top of the East side. With all this said, I love Alaska and can't imagine being anywhere else. Read here one lady's perspective on a lifetime of this type of weather.

If you are cold and stuck inside, check out this webcam of a black bear, named Jewel, in her den who is due to give birth any day now....very cool.

Also check out my amazing friend, Martina's blog here. She has a great blog post about cloth diapers. We are so different, which I love, because we both bring new things to our friendship and that is what makes the cookie crumble. Her post on cloth diapers is so informative, it has numbers and all that. You see numbers and I don't play well (despite the fact I worked in finance for 2 years). Also I am not trying to be all hippy, crunchy you gotta do cloth, earth mama on ya. Really I am not. I can be a little crunchy and but I have gotten rid of all my old tie dyes I swear. I just remember when I was researching cloth diapers woman's blog helped me so much and gave me the confidence and knowledge to wrap that little bum in some reusable cloth. The cool thing about her blog is she isn't crunchy at all, and she has rocked the cloth, as Mama Bex says, easy peasy. So check it out if your interested in cloth.

And finally for some thumb sucking. I just don't get to see baby enough now I am back at school. Her bedtime is 5:30 and she doesn't wake until around 7, just as I am out the door. I know I can't complain because I remember the oh my god can I sleep just for an hour nights. But I miss her face!

So this morning as I was being loud and trying to get her to wake on her own so I could steal a kiss before going to work I heard this sound, coming from her room. I stomped, I mean tip toed in and there she was sucking away on her thumb. This is a big step since she has never liked a pacifier. I have read this means she is really learning to comfort herself. Whatever it means it was so cute, and hopefully she stops before we develop huge dental bills in the future. I had to wake her, kiss, cuddle and then pass her off to hubby.