Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A love affair

A few pictures snapped with my iphone over the weekend...

Ocoee bites her lower lip all the time. I have a habit of doing this when I am nervous or concentrating really hard.

Here is Ocoee at the brewery, she looks like a real 'ol G with her hat all gansta.

It has been in negative temperatures all weekend so we spent a lot of time cuddled up and just hanging around the house. On Saturday we went out for a redo of hubby's birthday since he spent his actually birthday last week tossing his cookies due to a stomach bug. Yuck, poor guy.

Everyone has recovered so we went to Midnight Sun, an amazing local brewery, had a late lunch, and spent a little time at Title Wave, a nice local bookstore. Ocoee was along for the ride and slept right through both events. She seems to be catching up on sleep on the weekend and not sleeping much at daycare. Hopefully when we switch to the new place on Jan. 30th, she will sleep better. The infant room is smaller and much cozier.

The point of this post is our love affair with this little bambino. It is totally in the fresh in love stage. Where we stare at her lovingly and ask each other every few minutes..did you see that. Oh, look what she can do now.

It is crazy. Everything she does we ooh and ahh over. She is the center of our world and we are totally happy with that.

I know, I know, a day will come when we are happy to hand her over to someone else to hold, just for a break. When her rolling over and grabbing her books won't amaze us. But for now, we are totally smitten, in that barf, I can't watch way that people who are freshly in love are.

Ocoee, darling, we just adore you to pieces.

Ok I will stop being sappy now :)