Thursday, January 12, 2012

MLK day...yes I am happy to be off work but there is a bigger reason here

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. I have often just been happy to have this day off work, and yes I am still happy to have another day with my family, we all know how precious these days are.

I do want to stop and take a moment to remember what MLK stood for, fought for and died for. We are all humans. We all have fears and joys, hopes, dreams and people who love us. No matter our color, creed, sexual orientation, or religion.

There is a cool lesson a teacher I know does. She shows two students two eggs. One brown and one white. The spend time discussing how different they look on the outside (I had to comment one looked more "organic" than the other). Then the teacher cracks the eggs.

Inside they look the same. Yep. We all bleed the same essentially. Good lesson. I hope I will take the time to teach my little one these important lessons. And in a hippy inspired, idealist way I hope we all teach our kids this and then imagine how much better the world can be....

I know, I know- I am getting off my soapbox and heading back to the couch to snuggle with my little one now. Check out our new photo shoot on the Photo shoots with Ocoee tab at the top of the page. Pheesh she is adorable!


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