Friday, January 20, 2012

Daddy at home

Hubby is a expert baby whisper...he has managed to get 2 complete nights of sleep from Ocoee while I got a 3 wake up night.....we must discuss this soon!

Yep, dad is working at home again today. He did 4 days last week since Ocoee and he had a little stomach bug. He is home with her today because I saw a note at daycare that said RSV, which is Respiratory Syncytial Virus, was confirmed in the infant room. Then my head spun around and saw that only 2 babies were in the room that day, Ocoee and another 3 month old.

So I went home and did some research and this can be pretty serious in infant and the best thing to do is limit exposure. In older kids it just comes off as a cold. I also spoke to our nurse at school who said keeping her home would be the right call.

We are not crazy and not overprotective, at least that is what we keep telling ourselves. Babies will get sick, it happens. We know this but we are still so worried about it. I know, we are the same people who traveled to Maui in the holiday craze with a baby, and we have several more trips planned before she gets to be a year old. BUT....

Daycares are germ factories! I swear they are. So daddy and baby are both at home, hopefully avoiding germs and staying healthy.

On a side note, I had a horrible dream last night where I was at a house and Ocoee was supposed to be sleeping upstairs but I couldn't find her, and I kept saying...I want my BABY! So yea maybe I am crazy......having some issues at least :) But it is the weekend and I will get baby time so I am looking forward to that and to try and deal with my separation anxiety issues, one glass of wine at a time!