Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First day of daycare

So we all knew this day was coming, but it seemed to have snuck up on me anyway. I had long chats with Ocoee about daycare and how much fun she would have and how she needed to be a big girl and face the brave new world of daycare with out me. She seemed to take it all in stride.

Then today came. We packed everything up the night before and loaded the car. We got a good nights sleep and tried to mentally prepare ourselves. Hubby accompanied me for the big event. And it went....

Great for Ocoee. She was unflustered and happily cooing away at the sweet grandmas who run the infant room when I left....or as hubby called it, "I thought I was going to have to pull you away." I was very proud I didn't cry until I was alone in the car.

So here are the positives of daycare.

1. I can make some money for our family, I love being an educator and they pay me for it....total bonus. The 8 weeks they pay you for runs out fast, I have been gone for a total of 14 weeks. We budget very well and have been ok but it will be nice to see a paycheck again.

2. Our daycare lets me cloth diaper. So happy about this since I love my fuzzibunz and so does Ocoee.

3. Routine. I have time to workout post school and her daycare is just a few blocks from my work, gym and favorite stores.

4. Adult time-I am a very social person and adult time to chat and have non-poop related conversation is important.

And now the negatives.


So I can yell that here and no one thinks I am crazy because I sorta feel like yelling it at work and they would think I am crazy....well some of them anyways.

I am actually very lucky. My school is warm and welcoming and my office mate has kids of his own so didn't mind me blabbering on and on about Ocoee for most of the morning.

Also her daycare is very close so I went over to check on her for lunch. I was on the way out the door when my principal told me to not go...not that I couldn't but he said it would be bad for baby....confuse her and all that....I didn't care I was going hell or high water.

Bad Idea. Just made me cry all over again and she was so ambivalent about seeing me. I wanted her to be so excited to see her mama but she was more concerned with all the new lights and people she could look at.

The grandmas once again scolded me for not having socks on her......is this a conspiracy...socks do not stay on her feet...I have tried-hundrends of times. She has tons of smart wool socks, super warm and cute (thanks Diana!) that end up off the toes and on the floor minutes after putting them on. So I dragged the 3 pair I packed her out and put them on and ran....let them try to keep them on...that is what I am paying for right?

Hubby and I made a deal that if she was crying and miserable I could grab her, run out and never look back. But she wasn't.....this makes me happy right?

Missing my little bug,


  1. Found you on Bloggy Moms! Sounds like the first day went pretty well. It's always a little sad when we realize how well our kids can get along without us :)

  2. Thanks Jody, I want her to grow in to a strong, confident woman and I guess it starts wayyyyyyy early right? LOL. Today was better, we decided hubby will drop her off and I will pick her up...much less emotional for me.