Friday, January 6, 2012

Nature versus Nurture

This is Ocoee's new thing...she lays this way all the time. When she cries- I think, Yea I wish I could put my hands over my ears too. Other times I think she is telling us a really good story that goes, So this bunny was hoping through the woods like this....

That might be because I wrote my first book at age 5 about a bunny. Still shocked that didn't win a junior Pulitzer or something.

I give this a lot of thought, does nature make us who we are or is the nurturing we receive (or don't) shape us?

I don't know but I am betting on nurture, cause I am the betting kind of gal. Here is a good quote that shows the type of thing I hope to nurture in you, baby bug.

"I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious."-Albert Enstein

I hope you are passionately curious.

Happy 14 week birthday!! Your daddy turns 34 on Sunday. Oh how lucky I am to have you both as the center of my world.


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  1. Now that is a life of luxury! Hands free feeding. :-) What a cutie pie!