Monday, January 23, 2012

You told me so and yes you were right

Baby Ocoee, getting her walk on with assists from daddy.

Love those expressions-they kill me!

We have been reading to her since birth and she is really starting to show a love for books. Now she can grab things she loves to grab a book and "read". She is also a lucky girl who recieved more awesome kids books from my book club this month.

Check out our photo shoots with Ocoee tab for more photos!

I am confessing. To all my mommy friends who told me things that I said, nope, nope I am going to do THIS and THAT....they just smiled, some said, "We should write this down."

And they were right.

We have a book club call "Get Lit", and I swear that stands for literature. This book club has been like a good headlamp, guiding me and lighting up my world since I moved to Alaska. My amazing friend Staci, took me under her wing and based only on a shared love of Husker football and a little bit of kismet-I taught at her husbands high school in Fremont, NE and we ended up at the same school 5 thousand miles away in Alaska...crazy, she invited me to book club.

These ladies, the wild women, have had my back and shared their lives, families and adventures with me. I feel as if I have the best support group a gal can ask for. They each bring something different to the table..and usually it is damn tasty food, delicious drinks and nourishment for my mind and soul.

Anyways, at book club Friday, I told my work out buddy, Kathleen, um you were right. She had been kind enough to not say- I told you so, so I figured I would 'fess up!

We both remembered me saying, I am going to work out after school and it will be great. She gently mentioned, that I might want to rush right home and see the baby, to which I scoffed and said, nope I am working out.

Well, I have been rushing right home to see that baby.

You see, I didn't know. I simply had no idea what being a mom would do to me. I am still completely blown away but the emotions and changes to my way of thinking.

So all you who giggled when you heard naive words slip from my were right!

And I still love ya anyways :)

If you want some great reading-check out my friend Tahya's blog. Her husband is deployed and she is capturing the moments of their adorable kids to share with family, friends and her hubby who is far away. My favorite is her-Today's Smiles...because we can all use a few smiles!