Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fresh beginnings! Happy New Year's Ya'll

Ocoee loves mornings with her daddy!

New years as New parents was relaxing. We picked up sushi, made a ra-ru drink (Alaskan Raspberry Vodka, with Dry Rhubarb soda, lime and hubby's homemade sparkling water-yum!), rented a movie and had baby in bed early. We were in bed before Midnight and happy to be. This year has been the most exciting year in so many ways. Being pregnant and having a baby were intense, life changing events and now I can't imagine my life with out little Ocoee in it. Welcoming her to the life we had together has been so fulfilling for me.

So for new year's resolutions. I make them every year...can't remember what they are after a few weeks but heck not a bad way to get the year started with good intentions right? So this year...

I plan to be more present. In life, with people I am with. Not planning the future or worrying about something I can't control. But here and now, present.

Hubby plans on appreciating what he has more...he still wants a boat and a cabin but knows he has it all really.

Ocoee is the most ambitious of us all and plans to learn to walk, talk, eat solids and many other mischievous things that she wouldn't even tell us least not in a language we could understand.

Happy New Years!


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