Friday, January 27, 2012

Gear, stuff and carrying things

Gear for our weekend trip to Girdwood.

So I have a number of pet peeves. Fanny packs, bad tippers and slow walkers to name a few. Yesterday one of my biggest pet peeves almost broke me. You see I really hate carrying things. Like bags, groceries...stuff in general. I like to have my hands free, shoulders unburden and ready for the chance to make a mad dash to the bar, last cute shirt, or the front of the line.

So here is what I carried yesterday. All my stuff (computer bag, purse, tea cup, water bottle) to the car. Ocoee's stuff for the new daycare. Then I carried my stuff into work, and out of work again. Then I picked Ocoee up, carried her stuff from old daycare to car, from car to new daycare. Next we went shopping. Carried stuff into target, more stuff out of target (did you know they have baby thermometers that scan their forehead...awesome! Especially since the whole rectal thing was freaking me out). Then carried stuff in to house.

And that was my breaking point. I dropped stuff and left it.

Side note: I never mind carrying baby, I love that she likes to ride the momma wagon around!

And now today we have trip planned for a ski weekend in Girdwood with our friends Kendra and Tim. So we have to carry a lot of stuff with us. As you can tell by the picture. And I swear I have only half of one bag for my clothes-I am working on packing less. The rest is baby gear, downhill ski gear, cross country ski gear, food and spirits. This is all for like, um...Friday through Sunday.

Babies need a lot of gear. We are doing cloth for the weekend so that takes a lot of room. Next week when we head to Seattle we will do disposables to be more light weight and there is not laundry in the hotel.

All this effort might deter some people from traveling with their baby. I understand, some days I can barely get out of my PJ's. But having fun, searching for new experiences, living worth the extra effort. I like to make things special, like to go out of my way for a unique experience, like to get out there and do stuff. So if I have to get over my pet peeve of carrying so much-so be it!