Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things you do, little bug bear

Ocoee rocking her pink skulls outfit.

My main desire with this blog is to have a record of our little baby and all the wonderful firsts that we are expereincing. Family, friends and followers also get to share these with me and I get a chance to be write and express myself...all positive things in my book.

Here are things that are changing and new about Ocoee.

She has developed new ranges in her sounds and chats a lot. Hubby has been home with her for the last 3 days working from home and as he said, "She is awake 12 hours a day and is making noises 11 1/2 of those." Really I don't know where she gets it...hehe.

She looks down now. For ever she has looked up. This is why she loved ceiling fans and lights. But now she looks down. She loves our clothes, blankets and her feet are particularly interesting to her.

She rolls, rolls, rolls. You are never quite sure what corner of the crib you will find her in. Most nights she sleeps on her belly, no matter how many times you flip her to her back. She has great head control now though so we aren't as stressed about this as we were.

She is beginning to look at the dogs and understand that they are living things...this is just beginning.


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