Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top whatever lists...

So my dear friend Dan is an expert list maker and I bow at his greatness. He challenged me to make an inferior list to his and I just can't muster up the like every good teacher I know I will just steal his...with his permission.

So here it goes.

Albums of the year

1) black keys- el camino. Frickin' rifftastic.
2) Decemberists- the king is dead- instant classic
3) foo fighters - wasting light - just catchy I'm sorry it is.
4) radiohead - king of limbs- with bsides possibly #3
5) strokes - angles- nice little record
6) my morning jacket - circuital
7) death cab for cutie - codes and keys
8) the head and the heart - self titled
9) wilco - whole love
10) Bon iver - self titled
11) bright eyes - peoples key
12) blitzen trapper - American goldwing
13) pj Harvey - let England shake
14) iron & wine - kiss each other clean
15) book of Mormon soundtrack

The only area I am going to challenge him is where is Florence + The Machine, Lungs. The song, dog days are over, is so amazing. It was on our birth play list and my doctor actually stopped working for a moment and asked, "Who is this?"

We also discussed songs our babies heard and we both have a special spot in our heart for Eddie Vedder's, Into the Wild, soundtrack. D.P and K.P. listened to this album right before their son, Eddie (of course) was born and the song, Society, from the album was playing when Ocoee was born. Good music synergy.

So what albums would you add?? Leave a comment and tell me.

And my own little list...

Top things I love about your darling, baby.

1. Your ears, nose and toes...and everything in between.
2. Your go, go, go spirit.
3. Your smile
4. Watching you and your daddy play in bed before I go to work.

I could go on and on......


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  1. Amazing list! Love Bon Iver...and Florence + The Machine are spot on!
    just found your blog and excited to start following!