Sunday, February 26, 2012


Baby bug and I had a great day. I really love the days where my only focus is Ocoee. I think a lot about how this time only happens once. She will only be officially a baby for one year. 356 days and roughly 145 of those are already gone. After baby she becomes a toddler. Being a toddler means she has the ability to go without me. Right now I love that she needs me to go. We walk around the house and look at all the things that make our house a home.

We spend time smelling spices and learning about the doggies. We look outside, read books and bounce of course.

Today we also did something I have looked forward to, we napped together. I was super tired due to not sleeping well since hubby has been gone. Ocoee was bouncing happily and I laid of the couch....and fell asleep. I think the silence woke me up....I didn't hear her chirping and the sounds of the bouncing. I looked over and she was crashed in her bouncer...she had bounced herself to sleep!

So I grabbed her and headed to the bed. We piled pillows up so she couldn't roll off and snuggled up. We both got in a 2 hour was bliss. We never did the co-sleeping thing and really it isn't our style. But when hubby is out of town we break the rules. Brodie slept with me one night, Guiness another and Ocoee and I got a snuggly nap in...time to wash the bedding!

It looks like we will have a few more days to break the rules since hubby is stuck in North Dakota...bad weather came in and they are saying he might not get home until Tuesday. Ocoee loves to hear his voice on the phone, and I am sure she misses her Bart (what hubby wants her to call him....I have come to terms with this).

We hope he gets home soon. Ocoee also misses her Uncle Dale...she hasn't met him yet but we skype a lot. Today she was in great spirits bouncing happily while we skyped. She is obsessed with her thumb sucking lately but Uncle Dale got to see a few smiles....which he of course said looks like him.



  1. Oh these sound like precious times! I love napping with my nugget!

  2. I love the nugget nickname.....we have so many for Ocoee, but bug seems to be the favorite right now.

  3. :) What's cute is it was my husband that came up with the nugget nickname. I kept catching him calling him his "little nugget" when he talked to him. It was so cute. He didn't even realize he was doing it!

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower! Your daughter is just to cute! Come check out my blog if you have a minute.

  5. Jennifer, thanks for the follow. Loved your time out chair craft!